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I am Susanna Rodney, mostly known as Sue, and I am owner and principal virtual assistant at TCBVA.

With over 30 years in the workforce, primarily in the retail grocery and merchant processing industries, I have held positions at both the regional and corporate level.

Green WomanA product of an old-time Catholic school primary and secondary education, I have a BA from the University of Maryland Baltimore County. A life-long learner, I am a self-described "online course junkie" and am constantly enhancing and expanding my skills and knowledge.

My favorite stores are Staples and Office Depot - they have the best toys!

I admit to being an escapee from the home for the mechanically-impaired and that most mechanical workings are a mystery to me. I am, however, that person who catches the spelling errors, incorrect word usage and grammatical problems. Nothing says unprofessional to me faster than poor spelling or incorrect homonyms. I knew which witch needed two hands to pour potions while she would pore over her new spell books looking to lose the loose straws on her broom, too!

Holding membership in several VA organizations keeps me current on industry trends and offers unique opportunities for networking with other VAs, in order to provide the best possible service to my clients.

For over 30 years I was active in showing Siberian Huskies and belonged to several dog clubs. I have also been active in my daughter's schools and in my parish. From dog shows to spring fun fairs to basket bingos, I have worked on and organized any number of events. These activities, along with my workplace experience provided me with many opportunities to hone my administrative, organizational and creative skills.

Many VAs post their pictures on this page in their websites, and I probably will too, just as soon as I can get one where I look more like a Hollywood icon and less like the Pillsbury Doughgirl.

Online Courses recently taken:

  • How to Start and Operate Your Own Home Based Business
  • Grammar Refresher
  • The Keys to Effective Editing
  • Fundamentals of Technical Writing
  • Writing Great Technical Documents
  • Fundamentals of Accounting I
  • Introduction to MS Word 2003
  • Intermediate MS Word 2003
  • Advanced MS Word 2003
  • Introduction to MS Excel 2003
  • Intermediate MS Excel 2003
  • Advanced MS Excel 2003
  • Introduction to MS Access 2003
  • Intermediate MS Access 2003
  • Introduction to Bitmap Graphics
  • Introduction to Vector Graphics

And more to come!

Industry Memberships:

IVAA logo Virtual Assistant VA Networking Forum - Need a Virtual Assistant?

Web design courses taken:

  • Creating Web Pages I
  • Creating Web Pages II
  • Introduction to CSS and XHTML
  • Intermediate CSS and XHTML

And more to come here, too!